Retired USW interactive teaching and learning websites

Unfortunately, as of 23rd November 2020, the following Flash Player-based University of South Wales websites have been retired:

This action has been taken because Adobe have withdrawn support for the Flash Player browser plug-in. This 'End of Life' notification co-insides with support for the Flash Player plug-in being withdrawn by web browsers. While old versions of web browsers will still be able to run Flash Player content, from January 2021 new versions of web browsers will cease to support the plug-in.

This means that any security issues with Flash Player will be unaddressed. While we would like to leave these sites accessible for posterity, it's not acceptable for us to publish websites which may expose users to security threats. Therefore, these sites have been removed.

Should you wish to still access these sites, despite any Flash Player security issues, then you can use an old version of a web browser and the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to access archived versions of these sites: